Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy July 5

Philip is at J-High camp this week, so ,Kristi, Hallie, and I went to Kemah last night. We wanted to eat at Landry's and watch the fireworks, and we did those things just a little differently than we planned. I'll just say it was an event. Here's some pictures of Hallie's patriotic outfit. She looked too cute.

I hope you had a wonderful 4th!

Today is not only the day after Independence Day, it's Philip's and my anniversary. We have been married 3 years today, and I love him more everyday. He's a wonderful husband, father, provider, handy man, and student minister!

I love you my blueberry muffin! (we don't have pet names for each other...just breakfast items.)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frozen Cappuccino Punch

This recipe is my go to for any party in the morning or late at night, but I don't have it saved anywhere. So, I thought if I put it on the blog it would be easy to find, and it would give the very few people who read this (if anyone does after not posting for a year) a chance to use the recipe also. I'm going to be using this in a couple of weekends for a Kristi's housewarming party. I'm excited to taste it again.

Frozen Cappuccino Punch

1/2 C sugar
1/4 C instant coffee granules
1 C boiling water
8 C milk
1 qt vanilla ice cream, softened
1 qt chocolate ice cream, softened

In a small bowl, combine the sugar and coffee. Stir in boiling water until dissolved. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Just before serving, pour coffee mixture into a 1 gallon punch bowl. Stir in milk. Add scoops of ice cream. Stir until melted.

I made one little tweak to the recipe by adding more chocolate ice cream because more chocolate makes everything better. Maybe this tidbit of blogging with get me back in the swing of blogging.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

London...Day 4...Lead Them!

I have spent most of my time traveling around to the different groups (we go out in 2s and 3s) of our team members. This has been frustrating at times, not because of them, but because I find it hard to get into conversations with people here as often as I would like while trying to meet up with our team. But, I believe God is showing me that I must be about leading these people to mobilization, equipping them to continue sharing Jesus. Wow! I have realized I have pride in this area of my life--I want to be the one that says, "I talked to so and so about Jesus." How much more prideful could I get? That's not being the body of Christ! Who cares who does the talking as long as Jesus is being communicated clearly! This is not me copping me! My passion is to get into spiritual conversations about Jesus with people. I live and breath that...I love it! But, I am only one person, and our team is 12--LEAD THEM, Philip....Lead Them. Lead them to do the work of the ministry.

As I embrace this, I have to say that I get so much joy watching our team strive desperately to share Jesus with people by "starting where they're at and listening to the Holy Spirit." That's the phrase for the day, but it should be our whole lives as we realize our whole purpose as followers of Jesus and as the church is to communicate the Gospel to the lost--EVERYTHING else is a means to fulfill this one goal. We are all missionaries, as followers of Jesus, and we are all equipped to be so because the Holy Spirit lives in us compelling us to tell others of the hope we have and find in Christ alone. WE ARE ALL MISSIONARIES no matter where we live! We must live this out regularly to see the church multiply--to see more people choose Jesus as their Lord and then being discipled to a point where they too can go out and share Jesus with others. This is the plan of Jesus himself. He spoke of this and lived it out as a perfect model for us all to follow. Let's be missionaries, each one of us! "I am a missionary in Highlands, TX." What does that mean? I pray you too will explore the meaning of that question in your own life thru seeking Christ."

Thank you for your support through prayer and love! I praise God that He has allowed me and made provision for me to be a part of the Kingdom of God--a narrow road that not many follow. But I get to be one of the few who know Jesus...I'm so undeserving but so grateful! It's so real!

Please pray for me in this, and please pray for Lacey and Hallie. "God will you please sustain and comfort them through this." I miss them so much. I also need Him to sustain me through the rest of the journey. I love you so much Lacey and Hallie!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

London M-trip Day 1

Departure went smoothly…I even got the honor of being selected for a more in depth body check in the Houston airport. The team was strategically placed by strangers on the plane when I booked the tickets, and God’s sovereignty really showed itself as many of the students got into meaningful spiritual conversations. Coby and I were able to meet a great guy who was headed back to Virginia from Costa Rica. Our conversation was incredible! He is a 35 year old scientist who God gave us the grace to get to know and dive into how he sees creation and how God fits into that. He sees that God has to be a part of it, but I pray that he will choose to give his life to Jesus and follow Him as he is not right now. God, will you please save JJ. An hour into our conversation, as I was talking about the Bible, a guy in the seat in front of JJ popped his head over the headrest and interjected himself into our conversation. He had 2 questions: If God is so big, then why can’t evolution be a part of the story? How can Christians be so positive that Bible is God’s absolute word when most of the stories in it were taken from other religions that were started way before Christianity…most are taken from Hinduism (he said)? Well, he didn’t really want to hear my answer, I don’t think. I think he just wanted to go off on me a little bit because he heard me speaking of Jesus. I say this because after he asked his questions, he turned around and began talking to the woman he was with to his right….maybe he heard my response…I pray he comes to know Jesus. God break him and move in his life to open his eyes to your truth. “For God works all things for the good of those who love him.” (Romans 8:28) He truly works ALL things together for His purpose, according to HIS glorious plan! I say this because this man’s interjection allowed me to go deeper into conversation with JJ and share my personal experience with the risen Savior!

So we made it here after a long flight from Washington, D.C. to London, Heathrow, and we accomplished our goal of staying awake all day long. I wanted, once again like last summer, to kick Christopher (my brother) in the face for keeping us awake all day, but it was not nearly as bad this time without having the added exhaustion of taking care of Hallie. We introduced the team to the tube, oyster cards, grocery shopping in London, the weird flavored chips, Camden Town (shopping), and Acton Town (where we are staying and working). It was a crazy busy day but a good one. So much went right! Praise be to you, o my God, my Lord!

I pray for the people of London that they will be granted the blessing of salvation in their life. I pray specifically for the people of Acton that they will choose Christ and follow Him passionately. O God, please let us be a part of bringing this nation to you. Ordain and anoint our steps and our words this week for your glory and your purpose!

Give Christopher and I the strength, wisdom, and patience to lead this team of students and adults. Please give our adults patience with one another and the students. I anticipate an incredible day tomorrow (Sunday) in worship with Acton Baptist Church….I’m so excited.

Praise you God for giving Lacey this needed break to get away to Dallas and be with friends! Praise you God that you are taking care of Hallie!


And to top it all off, I got to see Christopher, Angie, and that cute little Caleb. They are all doing so well. It was great to talk with them and to get to play with Caleb. He is so small...especially compared to Hallie...haha.